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The Project

A Conference Center in the Valley of the Thracian Kings

We, the Bulgarian pupils of the Golden Rosycross, have a dream. We want to build a conference center with a temple in the center of Bulgaria, in the «Valley of the Thracian Kings».
Why is this conference center so important to us?

Soul and body

The modern way of life puts a lot of stress on our personality. We have a chronical lack of time because of our work, our family, the social media, our telephone, climate change, and so on. The world propels us with great speed.

But what about our spiritual side? Is it not our spiritual heritage that could free us from the labyrinth of the world? But to develop our spiritual side, it needs attention, the right energetic food and the right conditions like silence and a harmonious environment. When we shift our focus to our inner wealth, our soul, and not to the hectic of the world, we could rebuild our inner spiritual temple. That means to go through a liberating process of transformation of consciousness.

Inner and outer temple

To rebuild the inner temple, we use outer temples as tools, as working places. Such an outer temple is the heart of our conference center. It is a place where the liberating Light forces of the Gnosis touch our souls. The temple is a place of power, but also of serenity and silence; a place in which our inner spiritual core can be activated. This inner awakening of the real human being is of great value to the world, especially in times of dramatic changes. It is only the Love and Wisdom of the awakened human being that can steer the development of mankind in the right direction. That is why this conference center is so important to us and to the whole of mankind.

The Fourth Impulse

We know that Bulgaria has a rich spiritual heritage. Three impulses of the Universal Teaching have been radiated from these lands: the mysteries from Orpheus and the Dionysian religion during the Thracian kingdom, the movement of the Bogomils in the Middle Ages, and the White Brotherhood of the Master Peter Deunov in our times.
This rich spiritual past, combined with the actual atmospheric conditions of the Age of Aquarius, provides a mighty basis for a new impulse of the Universal Teaching. The glorious «Law of the Light» says: Where the Light once has shone, it will return there! We believe that the time for the fourth impulse has come! The number four is connected to both the square and the cross. The square symbolizes realization, building, the resurrection of the true human being.

The Age of Aquarius

We have entered the Age of Aquarius. This era is associated with growth of consciousness, dematerialization, transparency, openness, equality and brotherhood. The atmosphere in which we live becomes more fiery; mankind has to cope with the fifth ether, the fire ether. The vibration rate of the atoms increases and old crystallized structures are broken up.

But now the key question is: do we have something new when the old forms disappear? Hence we understand that we live in a critical moment in time.

We believe that all people with a spiritual orientation should support each other in these crucial times. By doing so we can form a group which has enough strength to inform, help and prepare the rest of mankind. We, pupils of the School of the Golden Rosycross, accept our responsibility in this process. That is why we want to build a mighty conference center in the Valley of the Thracian Kings. We want to offer the people a place where they can work on the transformation of their soul, where they can resurrect the inner temple. This is the new body which is needed in this new era! At the same time this conference center will radiate our liberating message with force into the atmosphere: to awaken the ones which are still sleeping!

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Needless to say: we need all the support we can get!

At the moment we are looking for financial resources to realize our dream:
a new conference center in the spiritual center of Bulgaria.

If you believe in the work we are doing for mankind and you feel like supporting us,
then we welcome your donation!

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